Roof Tile Information

Roof tiles were first used since the time of the ancient Greek civilization. From then one, they eventually became a popular roofing option for many homeowners all over the world. Apart from giving a distinct appeal to homes, they have many benefits to offer such as outer layer of covering for the home and the roof. Their unique structures also allow proper drainage of water. Roof tiles are also fire safe, non-combustible and durable. They offer better quality of air circulation that that of other roof materials. Air is able to circulate on top and even below the tiles. With this trait, the tile roof allows for easy release of heat energy.

They come in many shapes including flat, pantile, roman, tegula and tower. All these shapes make it possible for interlocking or overlapping of tiles. The types are also varied. There are those made from concrete or ceramic. There are lighter types made with cellulose to make them even stronger. You may also choose from a wide variety of colors. The colors may simply be coated on the surface of the tile or be dispersed on the entire tile. You may need to consider the type of tile to use if you are concerned on color-fastness. For instance, the color of cement tile has nothing to do with the protection of tiles or them being waterproof. After a while the color will be subdued and the appearance of the roof repair will thus change. Terracotta tiles however have glazed colors that will not easily fade.

The most durable types are probably cement or concrete varieties. These tiles are made up of cement, sand and pigment. They are not prone to rotting, curling, rusting or burning. Concrete roof tiles are highly solar reflective. Thus, lifetime warranties are given with concrete roof tiles. Without any support, it can resist great amounts of pressures thus maintaining them is easier and safer.

The clay varieties on the other hand provide an authentic look and distinct character to any home. Regardless if your home is historical or modern, the clay tiles will be suitable. They are also known to survive weather elements. The longer the exposure of the tiles to elements, the tougher they become. The warm hues of clay tiles are also maintained as they improve with age. Overtime, the appearance of clay roof tiles even improves due to the rustic patina that it acquires. What makes clay tiles popular among homeowners is the combination of aesthetic quality and excellent performance. Selecting the most suitable tiles for your needs and required effect is possible through the help of professional product consultants and roof tilers.

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